Creating Your Own Business

The Healthy Way

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219 minutes of footage

Here's what you'll find inside the course.

3 hours of actionable advice and tips on how to create and run your natural health practice and business.

"Academics to me is 'information highway'. The problem is, how do you use it in practicality? How do you use it in day-to-day living and apply it on yourself?

In this field, a lot of people are applying it on themselves because, generally speaking, people enter this field because they don't feel good; they're suffering; they know allopathy has no answers for health and so they're looking for answer in natural health.

We just happen to be the top of the level in natural health, we're the top clinic in the world, we heal people where others can't. And the reason is, we know the truth of science, and we're teaching it to you so YOU can know the truth of science.

Starting your own practice is fun, I was excited, but it's scary, and it can be financially devastating. So, this whole series here is to help you learn how to articulate your finances, how to build an inventory, what to look for in terms of places to rent, advertising, things like this."

Robert Morse, N.D. | Course Video: Setting Up Your Own Practice (@ 5:55-7:25)

Learn from the experienced and get a proper headstart into the exciting journey of running a practice that changes lives and earns you a living.

A Course for All Natural and Wholistic Health Practitioners

This course is for anyone with a desire to start a business helping others resolve their health challenges and get well.

Learn What to Prepare for and the Common Pitfalls to Avoid

You'll get a realistic picture of the day-to-day life of a practitioner including how to handle tough clients, emergencies, and healing crises.

Get the Business Basics Down

Dr. Morse talks you through the most critical steps of running your business: renting office space; advertising; inventory management; finances; how to conduct yourself; and advice for successful client consultations.

Dr. Morse shows you the ropes of a standard initial and follow-up consultation, and how to engage with a client from start to finish.

Course video featuring Dr. Morse and Pete during a follow-up consultation

Business Course Videos

1. Introduction and Ledgers (8 mins)

2. Setting Up Your Own Practice (26 mins)

3. Create Your Own Business: Advertising (27 mins)

4. Starting Your Business: A Roundtable Session (25 mins)

5. What Does Wholistic Practice Look Like (40 mins)

6. Pete’s First Interview (48 mins)

7. Pete’s Follow-Up (29 mins)

8. Follow Up On The Follow Up (16 mins)

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