Spiritual Insights

You know there is only one God and we are all expressions of God.

We forget God is, and is in everything! When was the last time you felt totally free in the moment, to enjoy what the moment brings?

Living your life as children do, moment to moment, enjoying each moment for that moment, not thinking or planning the next.

The awareness that is achieved by living this way brings love, happiness, and a knowingness of God into one’s life.

A knowingness of being unlimited and free. An ecstasy that can only be experienced. Open your heart. Stop thinking and desiring so much, and enjoy each moment for what it brings. Below are some “spiritual thoughts” that one can use to help achieve and understand the beauty of the now and God!

Note: A huge number of Spiritual Masters, Saints and Saviors are coming together to bring a message of Love to earth. Mankind is losing his connection with his/her true self and with God.

Man’s ability to express love to each other and all life is being replaced with violence and corruption.

Daily Words of Wisdom

If you seek anything, always strive to become conscious (aware) and always seek to be humble to those that are unconscious.

All creation is the unconscious becoming conscious ; or you could say the unaware becoming aware.

We claim: 'In God we trust.' However life would change considerably if. 'In God we express'

You can give Divine Love to all only when you are free from desire, burdens, and opinions.

Let go of creation and enjoy the ecstasy of awareness (consciousness) itself.

It's not what you believe in, or what you think, it's what you are!

Just be you and you will experience the music and light of God.

Surrender and trust, do not channel. Just be that which is.

Stop thinking and talking and you will begin to see truth.

The seeker of God never finds God, as God is ever-present.

Do not allow your mind and emotions to be used by others.

If you wish to experience God ' spend time not creating!

YOU are the greatest truth you can know, except for God.

Listen and observe the beauty of God in every moment.

Listen, and observe, and you will come to know God.

The mask of creation hides the true reality of God.

Co-dependency is only a lack of self-knowingness.

Listen within and you will hear the music of God.

Be good to yourself, you are all you truly have.

Creation is only thought driven by the emotions.

Look within and you will see the light of God.

You are the eternal truth 'That alone exists.'

Be humble to all life, as all life is divine.

The more divided you become the less you are.

You cannot be anywhere where God is not!

Drop all fears. You are GOD'S creation.

Rest. Be free. Be humble. And just BE.

Time is only a succession of now's.

Surrender to the present moment.

One needs to 'Be' only what is.

Truth is not external from you.

Become the observer of life.

Remember who YOU truly are!

Be truth 100% of the time.

Enjoy the 'still' within.

Live every moment in GOD.

Spend time with yourself.

Be love in every moment.

Conserve energy – SMILE!

It's always your choice.

Always keep it simple.

Be the breath of God.

Make God your home.

Listen, then talk.

International School of the Healing Arts