Human Anatomy & Physiology Part 2

The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

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Here's what you'll find inside the course.

Dr. Morse always says that the body is made up of a bunch of cells and two major fluids. In this course, we will focus on these two major fluids: the Blood and the Lymph.

These two bodily fluids belong to the two major organ systems that will be covered in this 34-hour in-depth course.

What Awaits You...

Blood System, "The Kitchen"

Discover the intricacies of our blood - its components and the vital substances it transports through and around our heart and main blood vessels.

Delve deep into the subject of blood typing, where we shed light on blood transfusion processes and the importance of the Rh factor.

You'll understand why Dr. Morse refers to the Blood (transported throughout the body within the cardiovascular system) as the “kitchen”, delivering nutrients to all of our cells.

Red blood cells erythrocytes in interior of arterial or capillar
3d illustration of red blood cells inside an artery, vein. Healthy arterial cross-section blood flow. Scientific and medical microbiological concept. Enrichment with oxygen and important nutrients.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamic heartbeat, as we introduce the cardiac cycle and the variables influencing the heart rate.

Get a navigational tour through the major blood vessels, explaining how to measure blood pressure and its connection to organs like kidneys and adrenal glands.

Uncover the secrets behind the major hormones that influence blood pressure and blood flow, and probe into how nutrients are transported to your cells through blood, a process crucial for your survival and overall well-being.

Dive deeper into specific topics such as circulatory shock and how it can impact the body.

We'll demystify the hepatic portal system, explaining why nutrients absorbed into the blood must first journey through the liver.

You'll be guided through the intricacies of fetal and maternal circulation, offering comprehensive knowledge of these key aspects of the cardiovascular system.

Human internal digestive organ liver Anatomy. 3D

Lymphatic System, "The Sewer System"

Lymphatic system of male body.

Learn the intricacies of the Great Lymphatic System.

Develop in-depth knowledge of the anatomy, comparing blood vessels and lymphatic vessels in structure and function.

Find out how lymph fluid moves within its pathways and explore the crucial role the system plays in fat absorption.

You'll deepen your understanding of potentially dangerous conditions like lymphedema – when and why it occurs, and what its implications are.

Discover the major roles of organs and tissues involved in the lymphatic system, including lymph nodes, the thymus, spleen, tonsils, appendix, and Peyer’s patches.

In addition, gain insights into the body’s natural, innate defenses against harmful influences through the immune system.

You'll get an intricate understanding of the role inflammation plays in the body's defense mechanism.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells or leucocytes in the human immune system.

Dive deeper into concepts of immunity and autoimmune diseases with a comparative approach between the allopathic definition and alternative explanations.

Uncover the four different classifications of immunity, and explore the two major branches of our immune system.

Learn about stress and its impact on the immune system.

The Blood and Heart Lessons

1. Introduction to the Blood, Red Blood Cells (RBCs) (48 mins)

2. RBC Disorders, White Blood Cells (WBCs), and Platelets (58 mins)

3. Blood Plasma, Blood Coagulatton, and Blood Typing (72 mins)

4. Anatomy of the Heart (59 mins)

5. Cardiac Physiology (54 mins)

6. Is the Heart Really a Pump? (70 mins)

7. Blood and Heart: Q & A Session 1 (96 mins)

8. Blood and Heart: Q & A Session 2 (97 mins)

9. Blood and Heart: Q & A Session 3 (115 mins)

10. Blood and Heart: Q & A Session 4 (73 mins)

11. Blood and Heart: Q & A Session 5 (129 mins)

12. Blood and Heart: Q & A Session 6 (135 mins)

1. Arteries, Capillaries, and Veins (46 mins)

2. Blood Pressure and How to Measure It (60 mins)

3. Hormones That Affect Blood Pressure, Capillary Exchange, Edema (55 mins)

4. Venous Return, Circulatory Shock, Hepattc Portal Circulatton (54 mins)

5. Anatomy of Major Blood Vessels and Blood Flow (58 mins)

6. Fetal Circulatton (30 mins)

7. Blood Vessels: Questions & Answers Session 1 (104 mins)

8. Blood Vessels: Questions & Answers Session 2 (50 mins)

9. Blood Vessels: Questions & Answers Session 3 (60 mins)

10. Blood Vessels: Questions & Answers Session 4 (81 mins)

11. Blood Vessels: Questions & Answers Session 5 (54 mins)

The Blood Vessels Lessons

The Great Lymphatic System Lessons

1. Introduction to the Lymphatic System, Comparison of Allopathic and Naturopathic Lymph Flow (72 mins)

2. Lymphatic Organs and Tissues; Innate Defenses (58 mins)

3. Adaptive Immunity, Major Immune Cells and Their Functions, Immune-Related “Dis-eases” (65 mins)

4. The Lymphatic System: Q & A Session 1 (63 mins)

5. The Lymphatic System: Q & A Session 2 (65 mins)

6. The Lymphatic System: Q & A Session 3 (78 mins)

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